Our Story

It all started when our daughter, Matilda, was born. 

The pandemic had hit, the grocery store shelves were empty and we had opened our eyes to conventional farming for the first time - how unsustainable it is for the land, the farmer and the community.  How things needed to change and how we had an opportunity to be the change. 

So we decided to really try this farming thing

But it had to be different somehow, sustainable, where we could eventually live off our farm, return to the land and our local economy, while building community.

We wanted to make it easier to support local food, for us and for you.

Because farmers markets are amazing but as parents of two young kids, having only one option once a week to support local, doesn't work very well.

Enter in our online and in-person farm store, along with our farm stand. 

Where we've contacted local farmers and producers, so you don't have to. 

Where we're open in person and online.

Where we share our journey to living off the land with you

To connect with nature again

We want to provide you with the most delicious food, share recipes, stories and connect with you.

It is truly an honour to live this life and to source local for you. 

We invite you to stop by the farm store, join an event (coming soon) or subscribe to our email list and experience it all for yourself.

It may be just what you've been looking for.

Thank you for being here, we can't wait to connect with you

-Alex, Caylie, Matilda and Emmett

Family picture of Alex, Caylie, Matilda and Emmett


Have any questions?  Want to learn more?
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