Not only do your food scraps help decrease our feed bill, they also offer the animals SO much enrichment.  

There isn't an animal that's bored when food scraps are in front of them. 

You know what the coolest thing about this is - it allows you to have a bit more control over your waste. 

Now hear me out, I know that sounds weird

Our program offers you a different option that puts you back in charge of something that seems so minuscule in the grand scheme of things but we often underestimate the power of connecting to our own food and how good that feels.

If you buy eggs and pork from us - then you are feeding, taking care of and connecting to your own food.  At a distance sure, but your food scraps (or in other words, your garbage) have the potential to feed other life.

It's like second hand food for animals, don't throw it out - there's still life left in it!

You'll also have less garbage and you'll no longer have to clean out a dirty compost/green bin - all while feeding the animals that will feed you.

So cool!

So how does this work?

1 - We give you a 5 gallon bucket with a lid

2 - When it's full (or you want to exchange it), bring it to the farm and exchange it in the designated food scrap bin by the farm stand OR book a pickup time for us to come to you and exchange your bucket with a clean one.

3 - If you book a pickup time and also put in an order at the same time - your delivery charge will be waved.

That's it, literally

We charge you $20 to get into the program - just to cover the cost of the buckets - and then it's free to drop off at the farm OR $10 for us to come to you to exchange - just to cover the cost of our gas.

Think it's weird that other people (us) will be able to see your food scraps? 

Don't worry, we will not judge you for the type or the amount of food that is in the buckets - our curiosity goes as far as wondering what the animals will pick first, what the chickens may fight over (like egg shells - chickens LOVE egg shells) or if the pigs will love your scraps so much they'll roll in them (yes, exactly like a dog rolling in something stinky).

This is all about closing the food waste circle, giving you something you can feel really good about and increasing the enrichment for our animals.  

Want to try it but not sure if you want to commit? If you want out, we'll refund you your $20, no questions asked - as long as we get the bucket and lid back. 

Sign up by adding the Food Scrap Program Starter Pack to your cart and completing payment.  We will deliver it to your house on the next Tuesday and leave it by your front step.

Have any questions? Want more information? 

Send us an email