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Creel & Gambrel

Cacciatore Sausage (Hot) by Creel & Gambrel

Cacciatore Sausage (Hot) by Creel & Gambrel

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Approximately 180g package (2 pieces per package)

This Cacciatore Sausage is a small salame comprised of fresh pork, coarsely ground and seasoned with a blend of cayenne, dried red chili peppers, and garlic. The mixture is then stuffed into a natural casing and carefully formed into 7” long links before hanging to cure.

To fully appreciate the texture and taste of this recipe, we recommend cutting into thick slices. Best served at room temperature with a medium bodied wine and a hard cheese such as Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Creel & Gambrel is 139km from Dalmeny Acres

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